The old Indian


There is a guy sitting on a canvas chair at the front of the bar. Such chairs are used by fishermen or film directors on movie sets. The guy looks like being Chinese but asked about origins he says:
– I’m an old Indian from the Hopi tribe. I will show you time, if you wish.

And then he does. I see all my paths and all whom I ever loved, all my choices and all my decisions that had guided me here, to this bar, right at the front of his foot. I can see stars that fill his iris and I am satiated by them. I close my eyes slowly, and the stars are still there, like in a magic world. I know that I will never forget this gaze… it’s like a stamp on my soul. And somehow I feel calm, I feel peace and inner harmony, and acceptance of everything that life will bring me.


The false mirror, 1928 – Rene Magritte


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