Trapani boss

– Please, don’t worry. Since the last round-out on mafia in the 90’s, when the two biggest bosses from Corleone were arrested and imprisoned, there is only one Cosa Nostra godfather still not being captured – Silvio tries to calm us down and to gain our trust – he is missing for 20 years though, and since nobody had reported during those years to having seen him, we can’t be sure how he looks like now. It is possible of course that he passed a series of plastic surgery and doesn’t remind the young guy he was before.

Matteo Messina Denaro is a boss from Trapani and is now considered the most dangerous criminal in the world. You can sometimes hear the rumors that he has been seen here and there, that he was among the audience of the football match or horse racing, but nobody can ever be sure, and nobody wants to even talk about him. Ask a man on the street of Trapani province or in the local shop about Messina Denaro, and you will find what does the word “omerta”* mean. Hearing this name pronounced loudly people faces pale and become motionless. You can easily feel all that fear and the stubbornness in taking life and reality. Like in the most famous words from the masterpiece of Sicilian literature “The Leopard” by prince Tommasi di Lampedusa: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”. And then nothing really changes.

The property lands and residences of the last boss are being continuously monitored from the satellite and his cars are followed. This seems to give no effect at all. But what is quite sure: he is in Sicily, he lives in Sicily.

– So, Silvio…how can I be sure it’s not you?
– Oh well…you can‘t of course…but…I am…younger – and he bursts into a spontaneous laugh


* conspiracy of silence


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