Il Padrino


picture by Krzysztof Bartkowiak, oil on cardboard, mixed technique

Suspense builds up when we see a hooded guy with a short black beard. He looks almost identically like Al Pacino in the “Godfather” movie. I’m scared to death being immersed in the pool of hot water, and breathing its sulfuric vapors, when he emerges from the dark bushes, soon after the sounds of shooting.

He turns out to be Silvio from Corleone, a friend of Angelo and Mauro. He is a very prominent and rich local, who has recently inherited a room full of money after his uncle, priest in Alcamo, had died some time ago.

The story of padre Dimentichi was on everybody’s lips since he has been found dead half buried in Euro coins, that were filling up to 1m of one of the rooms in his house standing in the front of the famous Alcamo butcher shop. It was found out that the priest was collecting all the coins from the donations made during the masses by his parishioners. He stored them all in the one single room of his house (the priests in Sicily live sometimes in their family houses, not in the special vicarages like in many other catholic countries). After his death and the discovery, people started telling stories about bathing in the gold he was supposed to enjoy every morning…

Anyways, Silvio is rich now, he bought a big piece of land between Alcamo and the sea with the purpose to breed horses for meat. Furthermore, he has two big apartment houses in Corleone, his home town.




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