Terme Romane

terme-segestaAs we are now after this fanciful dish, I’m starting to feel very sleepy with my stomach filled with food after the last night and the evening full of surprises and excitements. But Mauro suddenly gets up from the table asking us to take our towels and swimsuits and prepare to go to take a bath. It’s midnight, but we are in a house at the beach, so ok, let it be.

Whilst we leave the house with our swimsuits on and ready, I see that Mauro is packing his car. Oh…wait a minute… we were supposed to go to the beach, didn’t we?

– We go to a special place, ancient and full of sacred mythology. So be ready, because it will not be just a bath! – Mauro smiles mysteriously

They speak Sicilian in the car, sitting in the front seats, the car crosses some wild bushes jumping on the rough road. I’s completely dark, I have no idea where are we going, and I don’t even know the direction. I can only see the mountains closer and closer with every single minute.

I really don’t like it. It was supposed to just be one guy with us, and suddenly there are two, why??

– Vet inte ? *[SV] – Freya responds to my thoughts in Swedish…

We are in two so they are in two, is that a coincidence?

– Jag vill inte veta varför…**[SV]

And they talk in Sicilian presumably to prevent us understanding them…

 Suddenly Angelo asks:

– Hey, so do you have your swimsuits?

But Mauro bursts in laugh:

– Si unnannu li custumi ancora megghiu ***[SIC]
– Hey! C’mmon, I did understand that! – I’m pretty angry now…- You should know, that I understand Sicilian! – it’s not quite true, but sounds better, I feel safer now…
– But we don’t understand Swedish, it’s not fair! – Mauro laugh again
– This is exactly why we are learning foreign languages, isn’t it? – my response is such educational, I’m proud of me…
– Ama essiri attenti, idda capisci tuttu ****[SIC] – Angelo as always likes to play the bad guy role, I don’t know, but the theory of his uncle in mafia is not completely unreasonable… I ‘m scared of him.

Ok, so we are already in the mountains. That surface our car is moving on could hardly be called a road. There are wild bushes all around and there is no light, except one from the stars and the shape of the moon. We step out of the car and cross the river hot like hell. The water could have about 70 degrees, unbelievable. There is a smell of sulfur in the air. I can see the shape of a small pool with the burning candles all around the edges. There are 5 strangers standing around it covered by dressing-gown, I can’t see their faces they are covered under the hoods. The place is completely silent, nobody talks, however I can hear a kind of a whisper, like the mumble of monks’ prayers.

Suddenly I hear the sounds of shoots somewhere close in the dark.


*I don’t know…?[EN]
**I don’t want to know why…[EN]
***If they don’t have swimsuits it’s even better.[EN]
****We have to be careful, she understands everything [EN]


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