It’s not ur business – it’s “our case” – “The Kingdom of the two Sicilies”

dzielnica_x1There are two separate worlds – here in Sicily. Those separate worlds however, live next to each other in parallel; the world of organised crime and the world of educated people from the higher class of society. The academic world, the world of intellectual elites and the middle class have nothing in common with the world that flows in front of them, still being visible.

The Mafia.

Yeah, that’s the word, the key to understanding how Sicilian society is divided. You may be a student or a working official, but next door to you or on the square where you live, there is a family, whose father has an enormous “sense to do business”, to increase money etc. His brother could be imprisoned with “a life sentence” in “Bicocca”, the special prison for the mafia (there are always separate prisons for “normal” criminals and mafia criminals in Sicily). And you may know that the owner of the bar is from mafia, but you still buy a cup of coffee from him every morning.

A mafia killer can even assure the judges and even friends that he is not “a mafia guy” because he had never participated the “initiation ceremony” with a sign of blood and other things.

Yeah… The problem is, such ceremonies exist only in Hollywood movies, but in reality there are murders and robberies that “initiate” the career of a mafia soldier.

There is too, a long, grey unknown sphere between both these “Sicilies”, where you can find all those people left by the state without any work, future, perspectives and hope. People who live from day to day, stealing, cheating or begging on the streets. Fathers with numerous hungry children waiting for bread at home, and angry wives calling them losers and cheating on them with neighbours. This is the world where the mafia still can recruit its desperate “hostages”.

The Italian state had left them to their fate.



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