Angelo’s uncle


Whilst we look for the ingredients in the recipe, Mauro takes one of the oranges from the basket to his hands and slowly puts it to his nose. I see how he tries to smell it with the passion that I have never seen before.

 – No, it’s not good, that orange. We need to look for others.
– I thought that you just did it before, you told me that you were going to look for good oranges…
– Yes, but I searched in 3 supermarkets and I didn’t find them, they need to be of a good quality.
– So, what’s wrong about those here? – I ask him because I really did not notice anything wrong with them.
– These are too chemical, what we need from them is their skin, and it cannot be full of ageing accelerator, we need to go to Angelo’s uncle, he is an orange producer.

I still remember the story of the orange market in Sicily that by Jacopo. Is it possible that the family of Angelo is involved in mafia business??


Smelling fruit and vegetables is quite often practiced in Sicily. Markets are full of people touching, fondling, kicking and smelling melons, coconuts, oranges and tomatoes. Everything needs to be of the best quality. It is quite impossible for Sicilians to buy immature, overripe or chemically matured fruit.

A big part of life revolves around food in Sicily. It is such an important part of the reality that they could talk about it for hours and hours. And this passion is not related to any profession, economical status or education level. It’s just a natural part of life and it shows the pleasure of life that they just look for all the time.


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