– His name was Vincent – like that Dutch painter. He was so cute… – Freya is still submerged in memories, and it’s not surprising. Those moments were obviously gorgeous, well…

– Listen, THIS guy told me his name was Donchi. But it sounds strange for a name, don’t you think?

We are in a small cabin on the yacht, and already at sea. I feel as it sways in the water. Donchi offered us this cabin with two beds and sheets, and told us we could just sleep safely, that we could lock the door if we didn’t feel safe and so on. I need some sleep, really. Even though I have never been at sea, and it should be exciting, I still need to rest. I know it probably means I will not see San Vito Lo Capo in the sunlight, and who knows where is he going to take us, but I don’t care. He promised to show us the beauty of blue horizon and it sounded fantastic. I don’t need anything more. Donchi…, who are you Donchi? “A man of sea” – he answered… but I don’t know what did it mean, I never met “sea men” before.


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