I’m hearing Olga is raising her voice against my friend and is offending her. But I can’t move… It’s the effect of marija. Sometimes it makes you tell things that you have in your head but would never say openly, or even evil things that you don’t mean at all. For some people marija is just too much.
I can see Freya is going away laughing with pity. But I only want to lay down and look at the stars. So I lay in Zdenka’s tent with my head protruding out a little bit. I would like to close my eyes but I can’t, they just want to watch the sky against my will.

Suddenly, instead of stars, I’m seeing two strange eyes close to mine. I feel that I can’t move because the heavy bulk of Zdenka’s body crushed me to the ground laying on me, and her tongue is penetrating my mouth. It’s so horrible and disgusting that I can’t breathe. She is smelling marija, bear and sweat mixed together. I’m trying to move, to stand up, but it’s impossible. Unbelievable! I’m going to be raped by this heavy barrel? Help! I’m here, in Sicily, in the Burning Sand to leave away my nightmares and not to experience new traumas! And from whom? From some Slavic girl, what the fuck!

– Help! Help me! Heeeeeelp!!!!

–  What’s going on here? – hearing this male voice I can finally breathe with relief – at this moment it seems to be the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard in my life

It’s happening so fast I can’t even tell how Zdenka has disappeared. The only real person now is that short bald guy about 50s standing in front of me with a smile.

– You are my knight on a white horse, aren’t you???
– It seems so ? – and he is smiling charmingly, his voice is cordial and velvety, compensating the fact that he is not particularly handsome – but it doesn’t really matter – finally he is Sicilian
– You know, I have my yacht in a bay close to here, we can escape together, will you do that?
– No, I can’t … I mean I can’t do that now… I need to find my friend, she is somewhere out there, on the beach…
– So, OK, let’s look for her, we can take your backpacks.
There are two naked bodies on the beach, far away from the crowd, poured by the warm sea water. Face to face, chest on the chest… and they both seem to be in another dimension.
I’m getting away from them.
We can wait.

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