non aspettare
non rimpiangere
non soccombere alla rabbia
non perdersi in dolore

non pensare
non essere geloso
non appropriare
non possedere
non sentirsi allegato


do not wait
do not regret
do not give in to anger
do not lose yourself in pain
do not think
do not be jealous
do not try
to be appropriate
do not possess
do not feel attached

The language of The Hopi Indians doesn’t have tenses – it’s a tensless language. What does it tell about their culture or about their consciousness? And about ours? English has 12 tenses, Italian – 8, Polish – 3, Japanese and Arabic- 2. Just think – in our reality, the only existing time is PRESENT, isn’t it? What about two ways of expressing present time in the English language, and how to explain them to those who exist only in one dimension made of all dimensions simultaneously? Things exist only NOW. What is happening to me now is experiencing all of the current events that take place in my continuous act of traveling. They don’t remain in the past, they don’t belong to the future – future doesn’t exist YET and past doesn’t exist ANYMORE. Everything that is happening now is in my travel, each of your words, that you say to me, everything I’m feeling about, what I’m seeing, everything that I know or I can understand. How to communicate with another person that never experienced the past? Or with that who will not be able to imagine any future? How could I possibly understand them and be understood? It’s all about feelings and sensitivity, about culture and art, about everything that is so difficult to translate from one language to another, difficult to express by different grammars and different meaning of words.


Goodbye then…

and then you will be present always, forever.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. This is what makes ART so important and irreplaceable, isn’t it? And what makes language such a unique element of culture. BTW, for some reason I find the image you have chosen for this post quite spooky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yea…I know it looks similar as a pile for witches or Ku Klux Klan smth!!!
      but it’s only a photo of “Burning Man” on the beach…;)
      and still…it’s only a part of fiction, I mean: my story – like “u cuntu sicilianu”

      and I HOPE it’s AT LEAST “a little” spooky !!!

      …because I’m going to be kinda scaring here in the future 😛


  2. Wrong, KKK was not about burning witches!

    And the scene refers rather to “The Wicker Man” from 1973, recently recalled by the brilliant video to Radiohead’s “Burn The Witch”


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