San Vito Burning Sand

So here we are – at the beach in San Vito Lo Capo. It’s too dark to see its beauty. There is quite a large number of people here, one hundred maybe, hard to say. The area on the beachfront is covered with small tents… Hmm…we don’t have one with us, unfortunately. There is also a DJ stand in the center of the crowd. Loud dance music, and all the people are moving like in a trance. I notice a fireplace in the empty circle among the crowd, but it’s not aflame yet.

– Hey, are you coming for Burning Sand? The guy looks like an old hippie
– Yes we are…
So – even if you have landed here at the end of the event, you have to recognize our “values” that we consider essential, he continues: we exchange things and ideas, we do not use money, we feel free to express our personality, no matter how, we don’t use electricity nor cell phones, we draw lots among the participants to create pairs of “twins” from people, that do not know each other to become closer in those days, and finally we symbolically burn everything that we want to left behind of our life – the old “me” of everyone is going to pass away on the beach tonight! So, there are two Slavic girls that have joined us this morning and since everybody have already their twins, and you four do not, we have to mix you with them, OK? – and while saying that he points towards two girls standing 5 meter away.
OK then! Thanks ! – we approach the two girls – Olga is Russian and Zdenka is Czech from Prague.
– Hello there, so are you traveling through Sicily like us, or did you come especially for this event?
– Seriously, I’m here to visit my uncle in Catania… oh well, he’s not my uncle precisely… but sort of.. and Olga? I met her on the road two days ago, here in San Vito, and we decided to continue to move together…
– I’m an architect from Moscow – Olga has a little “Asian” look – but I was so dissatisfied of my work so I quit and I started to travel around the world as long as my founds will let me – she smiles charmingly.


Olga… is beautiful, slim, and has a nice smile, but there is something cold inside her. I couldn’t tell what exactly, I feel like she is not herself but is hiding her true face deeply, who knows how tough her life was before? Zdenka is the exact opposite as a person. She is not that pretty, but she seems to be a truly straightforward person. She has short, curly red hair and completely round face, she wears red and pink clothes and her cheeks are painted like cheeks of old masks or porcelain dolls. She is heading to visit her eccentric uncle who in reality is kind of family friend, who knows… She gave me an address to meet there in a case we would get lost on our way in the next days. Nice of her. They speak Russian, she and her friend, and there is something between them … a kind of affection? Maybe. I can barely understand anything. Sometimes I regret to have lost proficiency in those languages I used to speak, but forgot most of them due to complete lack of practice.

People are dancing and I have to say, there is no better way to get rid of the tiredness and all that stress. The house club music, mixed by few cute DJs, one of them  about 2m tall, with long hair, nice!

So, instead of talking and thinking, we dance. It’s dark, and we move from one foot to another, sometimes faster sometimes slower, sometimes jumping in the air like savages, sometimes twisting around up to the feeling of dizziness. Finally they are going to burn the wooden figure in the center of the circle. It’s time to think about all “goodbyes” I wish to say.


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