Lapa a tri roti

–  What? Are we going to San Vito in that? No way!! – I’m standing in front of the vehicle on 3 wheels and cannot believe Lucio offered us this ride.

It’s not a car, nor a scooter, Piaggio – well it is, even if they call it Lapa in Sicily, but it has only one seat for a driver inside a small cabin, and a platform for carrying fish or other goods.

– Che prublemi! – Lucio exclaims and takes a seat inside his vehicle
– Hey, wait a minute, but you, you have been drinking, haven’t you? Isn’t it forbidden to drink alcohol and drive in Sicily?
– But what alcohol? Don’t exaggerate! Do I look like being drunk??
– Yhm…yes, I mean, maybe not drunk, but…very “amused” I would say…
– So what? Should it be forbidden to drive being amused? Don’t be ridiculous! At the end, what did you suppose: having all those drinks aside me – that I would call for a taxi?? Let’s go…

So now, we are seating on the platform with our backpacks on the knees and this incredible vehicle is taking us into the dark road far away from Trapani.
The road seems rough like hell and we have our butts battered after half an hour, but never mind, it’s a more incredible journey than I could ever imagine. All I can see along both sides of the road are some bushes, and I’m starting to doubt if we have taken the “normal” direct way to get to San Vito. Or maybe, some roads in Sicily are like that, who knows. Who finally would be able to judge it objectively in the darkness, seating on the platform, like a sack of potatoes.

* I’m sorry for “Napulitano” here but I couldn’t resist to Nino in his Lapa with three wheels…


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