Those two guys, they stare at us and exchange comments. Freya moves nervously as if she felt some troubling vibes. I’m feeling a little dazed after that cold beer. I always considered myself a tough head, it’s hard to get me drunk. But now, after that night, 3 or 4 hours of sleep, after a whole day of walking in the heat, this beer is like a glass of vodka. Freya looks the same, I guess – rosy cheeks and cloudy eyes. So let’s talk to them, why not?

– Where are you from? How’s that possible you speak Italian so well?
– It’s quite possible, Italian isn’t difficult at all and it’s not even a rare language isn’t it?
– So you must have an Italian lover, that’s it – both of them begin laughing cheekily, as if they turned out so sharp
– Or maybe conversely? I can have Italian lovers, because I speak Italian well, don’t you think?

A moment of consternation, and suddenly all burst out laughing like kids.

– So where are you heading, do you have a place here in Trapani?
– Nope. In fact, we don’t have any special plans. We want to find some interesting place and some interesting people. Then, of course, a place to sleep and eat, and we leave again. We are just travelers. And you? Are you from here, guys?
– He is from here, I’m not. So, do you like Sicily? How do you find it, our cuisine and first of all – our sea?? Have you taken a bath? It’s warm, even though it’s October already!
– No.., I’ve been here for one day only, we met two hours ago, and it was too late…
– Wow! So you don’t know each other, do you?
– Well, we do know each other now – Freya responds immediately

The two guys look at each other with smile, and I don’t even want to know what does it mean…

– Ok, let’s have a drink, have you ever tried Sambuca?
– Nooo…, what’s that? Is it a kind of vodka or something?
-Practically – yes – because it’s about 38%, but it’s sweet, like a liqueur – he smiles again as if thinking that we prefer sweet alcohol. It’s funny, since we came from the countries where “alcohol” means just “spirit”!
– Ok, let’s try! I notice that the guy with gray hair brings 8 shots of that colorless, transparent vodka-Sicilian-something.

It’s sweet and anise, a little similar to Greek Ouso. Usually I hate anise, but right now, right here, it fits perfectly, I don’t know how it’s going on.

– I’m from San Vito Lo Capo, have you heard about that place? We have a special event there tonight – we call it “Burning Sand”. Unfortunately, I can’t go, I’m too old, and my wife would kick me out – he smiles conspiratorially – but I can take both of you there, and you can have some fun …

Freya kicks me under the table and whispers to my ear :“he thinks: to have fun means have sex” – “why not?” –I answer her whispering and we burst with laugh.

– YES! I heard about it! It’s famous for the most beautiful Sicilian seaside!
– So…it seems we are heading exactly there – Freya responds smiling

And then the two guys are starting to sing “«Çiuri, çiuri, çiuri di tuttu l’annu l’amuri ca mi daşti ti lu tornu» and all of us just start to dance like a folk group. I feel really crazy and a little dazed by Sambuca. The girl from the bar joins us and they continue with other song.

Quant’è laria la me zita,
malanova di la so vita,
ah laria è, cchiù laria d’idda nun ci nn’è !

Havi li jammi a cucciddatu,
quannu camina s’abbia di latu,
ah! laria è, cchiù laria d’idda nun ci ‘nn’è !

Havi la panza ca pari ‘na vutti,
quannu camina fa ridiri a tutti,
ah! laria è, cchiù laria d’idda nun ci ‘nn’è !

Havi lu nasu ca pari un cannolu,
quannu stranuta ci voli un linzolu,
ah! laria è, cchiù laria d’idda nun ci ‘nn’è !”[Sic]*

* How ugly is my woman,
her life is like bad news
ah, she is ugly, there is no one uglier!

She has legs made of straw
she rocks to the sides when she walks,
ah,she is ugly, there is no one uglier!

She has a belly like a barrel,
she makes everyone laughing when she walks !
ah,she is ugly, there is no one uglier!

She has a nose that looks like a cannoli,
When she sneezes she needs a whole sheet,
ah,she is ugly, there is no one uglier!



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