Loud whistle mixed with cheers of crowd. Trapani is completely filled with these sounds. I feel like being close to … a stadium? But really – I don’t believe there is a big venue  anywhere close here. Suddenly, I notice a pub with open doors, full of men inside, in their middle age, holding their beer, men that are watching that football match – “la partita di palluni”. We stop at the doors observing them. It’s amazing, they are completely wrapped up in emotions. Two or three only noticed us, and they are looking at us with disapproval. I feel creeped, like an uninvited guest…
Luckily, I notice one young cute guy with friendly smile and then I can see his white-blue scarf on the neck, with a familiar inscription: “Kolejorz”! Wow! How’s that possible ??? To meet Kolejorz fan at “the end of the world”??

Ciao, volevo solo vedere perché si sente il rumore così forte…?
C’è la partita di palluni!
– Ma di chi?
– Palermo – Catania! Forza Palermu!
– E tu sei tifo per Palermo? Pensavo per Kolejorz…
Certu che tifu Palermu. Lu palluni è ‘na cosa seria…di omini però..[Football is a serious matter…however for men…(SIC)] – then he smiles charmingly like if he told me something sweet, kind of compliment or something.

Freya I need your superpower: why is he wearing that scarf?

– I’m sorry, I don’t know THINGS about people, I only hear something inside them … but right now I can tell only that he is jealous of Catania and wants Palermo to win – she laughs again, and we continue our walk in search of a bar without television and football fans.

There is an interesting sign standing on the carb. The inscription says : “who goes by bus helps the city to breathe better”. I like it. And I still don’t understand, why do they cheer for Palermo in Trapani and why do they hate Catania so much… and why there aren’t any women visible here … is Sicily inhabited by men only??



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