I själva verket är det bara att inte överlämna sig tröttheten, att inte tillåta ointressen, likgiltigheten, aldrig förlora sin övärdelig nyfikenhet för då låter sig människan att dö.“ *

We are in the cabin of the cable car that is taking us back to Trapani. The air around is filled with sounds of football match coming from the distance, surprisingly loudly. I’m feeling extremely hungry, I can’t stop thinking about food.

– You know, they are used to eat a lot of seafood, here in Sicily. Do you like seafood?
– I love seafood! I could eat heaps of it! – (it’s hard to belive, she seems so slim as if she was on fruits and veggies only …)
– You know, it’s not very popular in my country, we don’t have them naturally… there is even some kind of aversion to eating parts of an octopus, clams and even shrimps. For some people from my cultural circle these are like “worms”.
– So you don’t like them either ???
No! I love them as you do! But I couldn’t eat them alive like French or Chinese . I still remember a scene from the Korean movie “Oldboy”. It was thrilling. And I have to tell, usually it is not easy to shock me. A man was imprisoned by somebody (and he didn’t know by whom and why) in a small apartment for 15 years. Finally he manages to escape, and visits a local bar to eat something. He takes an octopus from a water glass and eats it alive. The scene was so realistic, you could see exactly how the actor was chewing these writhing tentacles, it was horrible!
– Oh wow! – she starts to laugh loudly – I’ve heard about somebody that died during such a meal, because one of the suckers had attached to his esophagus inside and he couldn’t breathe and got suffocated.

We burst into laugh together, I don’t think I will ever forget this conversation …

*In fact, the point is to not give up to tiredness, to never lose the interest, or let the indifference, to never lose the priceless curiosity, because then one allows himself to die.”
-( I ‘m not sure if I cited precisely that sentence of Tove Jansson –
Freya )


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