The wall of Dedalous


Dedalous knew the secrets of the labyrynth. He had designed it to hide the secrets of Minos.
Incurable, immature enthusiasm had blinded Icarus.

He felt.

Dedalous arrived here, suffering after the loss of his beloved son:

I am standing on the ruins of the city that he had built.

I will leave in the opposite journey. I will reverse the time, reverse all these tragic events, I will redeem them, fix them. I will understand the youth and euphory. I will straighten the complexities of the maze and I will get out.

I’ll go back to Crete to raise Icarus.

“Isola che non c’è” means literally “The island that doesn’t exist”

Second star to the right,
This is the path
And then straight on til morning,
Then you find the road yourself,
It leads to Neverland.

Maybe this will seem strange to you,
But rationality
Got you carried away
And now you’re almost convinced that
Neverland cannot exist.

And thinking about it, what madness,
It’s a fairytale, it’s only fantasy
And he who is wise, who is mature knows it:
It cannot exist in reality!….

I agree with you,
A land doesn’t exist
Where there are neither saints nor heroes.
And if there are not thieves,
If there is never war,
Maybe it’s just the island
That’s not there… that’s not there.

And it’s not an invention
And not even a play on words,
If you believe it, it’s enough because
Then you find the road yourself.

And they tease you
If you continue to look for it,
But don’t you give up because
He who has already given up
And laughs at you behind your back,
Is perhaps even crazier than you.

the translated text from the page:




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