The wonders of nature by Rene Magritte

Her name is Freya, and she is Swedish. She left home 5 years ago and is continuously traveling since then.

-I can’t stay in one place more than few days, it’s impossible. I need to move all the time, to search for and to hear changes. If you stay at one place or in one country too long you become blind and you loose the chance to understand the world and people around you…

– Listen… I have to ask you, I can’t stop wondering myself… Why did you say “Siren” to me?
– Because..- she starts to answer smiling – you called me “a nymph” !
– It’s not true, I didn’t…
– Yes, of course you did!
– No! I only though that you look like nymph…
– Exactly! So I answered to that, because, you know, there is a big difference between “a nymph” and “a siren” … – and then she smiles again… – I’m too “dangerous” to be “a nymph”, believe me…

Again – she burst into laughs which is so infectious that it’s impossible not to join.

– But, you still didn’t answer me… how was that possible…?
– Oh, god! Because. Because I have a personality disorder, I’m crazy! I hear peoples’ minds and that’s why I cannot stay in one place for too long… and I always need to do everything before… before somebody would think something stupid, something too disgusting to bear that person anymore. You can’t even imagine how it is difficult to live with that “superpower”.

Now I’m starting to feel strange and uneasy… I don’t like to be eavesdropped or “spied”…

– I’m not spying you! I don’t even want to hear…!
– Yeaaa…well…let it be.. I believe you.


And then, just like that, we start to move around the Castle of Venus: together, looking at each piece of rubble and reading the historical descriptions. The sun bakes us like red roasts but we don’t even care. All that story of our meeting seems so weird and unreal… I need to start learning how to not think too much all the time. Just stop thinking, speculating, analyzing. Or maybe… run without thinking. Live.



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