– I wanted to show you the Trapani beach, because it is unique, very special, you know. People come here for having a sunbath, they lay down on those rocks and stones…

Seriously, I have never seen a more “typical” Mediterranean beach than this. There is nothing, completely nothing special about it, the same dirty, wet and dark sand like everywhere, and it is so narrow that I cannot imagine how it has to be in the high season. What is particularly magical it is the architectural surroundings – the line of costal buildings, side by side, one slightly behind the other. One yellow, one pink, one brown, each of them with flat roofs. Then suddenly the head of a baroque church emerges on the horizon – an amply decorated dome. I just pictured them in my mind to remember forever. It is my picture of Trapani.

The water. The water is amazing! I’ve never seen such water in my life. It’s crystal clear! When I mean something transparent now I think about Trapani’s water. Blue. Celestial water, sea water. Celestial sky and azure air. Yes – this air has its colour – it’s azure. That azure is everywhere, it’s under my closed eyelids now. Now, in that moment. I can close my eyes and I can see engulfed blue.

I can feel calmness and peace now, I can sense the harmony with my destiny. I feel the lightness of my body and of that everything around me. I feel that I belong to this world and I will never leave it, and it will never leave me.


The mount above us, on the left, is mount Erice. I hear its whispering, the soft murmur of centuries and millennia. The chorus of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith governors of that ancient and medieval town.

– Can we sit here and eat some lemon granita? You should try it, granita trapanese is the best in Sicily!

– Sure, I need to taste it, it’s too famous! But I need to have it with brioche, even more because it sounds so strange.

It were Sicilians, who invented the first ice cream, but the first ice cream was not “a cream”! The very first such dessert was composed of true ICE. Such an idea can give you only a sensation of eating GRANITA. And only Sicilian granita. Granita is like ice, or rather like snow. It’s composed of granules of finely ground ice made of fresh natural juice, without artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. It’s an almost completely non-caloric dessert and I could not stop eating it, especially in that daily heat. The most famous granita is of lemon flavour, more sour than sweet of course. It’s eaten with a hot brioche – a sweet roll of special shape. It’s served in a special glass and eaten with a long teaspoon while holding a brioche in your other hand. Not exactly like they eat classic ice cream which are put INSIDE the brioche. Granita is too watery, it should immediately change its state into liquid. But the contrast that gives eating something of ice and something really hot at the same time is unforgettable.


I have to leave. I don’t really know if I will see Jacopo again, I hope so… He was a kind and true person, my first Sicilian experience and this memory will last forever. Our “goodbye” is heartfelt and very touching. We are exchanging hugs and kisses as if we had known each other for years. I feel like in a certain sense we had. But life is a movement and travelling and it never lets me to stop. It is a force that pushes me forward and forward.


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