The place is known as Marausa. It’s a small tourist town about halfway from airport to Trapani, with its own „Lido”, that means – seaside. It’s quite popular in high season due to the number of houses with room for rent, B&Bs, small guesthouses, and agriturism farms. But right now, when we pass by, all these buildings look empty, uninhabitant. It’s completely dark everywhere.

– Look, my flat in Trapani is being renovated right now. So I’m living in my parents house temporarily. It’s in Marausa, it’s close to the airport as you can see. We will be there in 5 minuts.

Ok, then. So he is living with his parents. Fantastic, even if I didn’t expect it – the perspective to meet a Sicilian family so soon is quite exciting.

I’m trying to picture a house with small courtyard and a dog…and his mother that couldn’t sleep because her son is bringing a guest for the night.

Anyway… here we are…


To my surprise the house looks completely empty – it’s dark, there is not a dog nor a cat, all the windows are covered with roller shutters, there is no sound of somebody being there. And it seems that even he hasn’t been here for some time. He definitevely didn’t pass here the last night.

– Wooow! Fantastic, it should be nice when full of people, noises and all that mess…shouldn’t it? You don’t have any dog or something?

Jacopo shows me a small room with bed, near the living room, or rather a dining room. The house is ground–floor and quite low, with flat roof. It’s full of antique furniture of walnut wood, a heavy dresser, large wooden table for at least 8 person, and a green upholstered sofa, an open kitchen without any buffet and any smaller table. Big bathroom with shower and without bathtub, but so spacious, you could dance there. And a lot of family photos… everywhere – photos of his parents I guess, his grandparents and with him and his sister, when they were kids.

– So… are you hungry? Would you like if I prepared a spaghetti for you?

– Now? It’s like after the midnight!

– So what? You have been traveling for the last 5 hours I guess, at least! So, if you don’t want to eat spaghetti, maybe a piece of yellow Sicilian melon. It’s from my garden, it’s sweet, it makes you good. What do you think? And we must drink that wine of my own production Nero d’Avola, tipical wine that is produced in this region. Hey, you can’t refuse me!

So, my first Sicilian night – and I am sitting at a huge table drinking a strong wine with the guy who offered me spaghetti at 1 a.m. in the night. An enormous sense of isolation fills me with calmness. I feel like if we were alone in the whole world for that night.

And then we start talking about MAFIA.



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