He texted me twice, when I was still in Poland. Jacopo from Trapani. He is calling me now, while  I’m standing still dazed by the Sicilian heat, staring at the Sicilian „carabinieri”. Two guys look like Catarella himself. But maybe not… These here are so handsome that it is really difficult to detach eyes from their highly athletic bodies in those sexy uniforms…

– Hi, ciao – listen, I’m waiting for you outside, to the right from the front main doors…

Still holding my phone close to my ear,  suddenly feeling the new sense of heat and the unknown, but also the pleasant smell of the night in this new world, I’m heading to the exit.

– Ei, ciao – I just came out – saying this I look carefully to find a guy with the phone… and here we are, you look exactly like commisario Montalbano : do you? – and saying this I’m starting to laugh with relax.


Jacopo – clean shaven, bald, lean and not very tall. About his forties, I gues…  Dressed casually, without any special style that could be easy to remember. Dark blue shirt with long but rolled up sleeves, a pair of jeans. Seems very excited… . Strange – why is he so excited? I’m asking myself but I’m trying not to think about any answer. His dark blue combi looks so common, almost unnoticable. Like hundreds such cars, that pass us everyday in our cities.

We start to move in the dark night. But the road, I can see it clearly, is not leading to Trapani.


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