Saharian air

tr-01It was about 11.45 p.m. when the plane had touched the ground. Vincenzo Florio Airport Trapani–Birgi wasn’t impressive at night. Not at all! It looked like I would have just arrived in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere surrounded by the low mountains, some two or three lighted landing strips, and an ugly building. I could have expected it in some African village, or town, not developed yet. Or Asian…or maybe somewhere in the Middle East. But it was Italy! Or rather I though then it had been Italy…The first impression didn’t buy my eyes, even though I felt the „inner trembling” growing in my chest, minute after minute. Because it is like with being in love. It’s not reasonable – that you can feel it from the first touch of sight, a sensation of something bigger than what’s visible.

I don’t look for the „nice beauty” but for the „true beauty”. That means sometimes to confront the contrasts, to absorb more than only the fasade of reality.

I left the plane and dived into the heat of the October night. It was like 36 degrees. Unbelievable. But suddenly I though: „Yes, yes, it’s just what I had expected here! Saharian air! That’s it!” And in that moment, right then I realised finaly myself that my dream came to life, that I did something important and it is going to happen. That it is irreversible:

I’m putting my foot on the Sicilian land and with each step some part of me, of whom I was yesterday is going away. Like in the process of transformation. Each step realizes me that I don’t have a hotel room booked for tonight, I have almost no money, I don’t know anybody here and I decided to trust life from today forever.


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